There are two policemen, two main characters in this movie. But they both combine to present the entity of police force being frustrated of not capturing the right murderer. When we first follow the older policeman who is violent to his suspects and stupidly makes unfair judgment, we might think that he is a looser and thus we seek for a more competent policeman. However, when the one with well-educated background shows up, even though he has more scientific ways to investigate the case, finding out the key clues such as crime happening in rainy days, a song was picked to play each time the murder happened. He still doesn’t have the enough evidence to prove that he captures the right guy. He is so frustrated that he kicks the suspect and even points the guy to him. By that point, we finally understand why the first policeman is so violent to any of suspect, which at the first place looks even funny and ridiculous to the audience. The movie presents a complete picture how the police force faces the competitive crime and gets angry and frustrated.

California police have arrested a former police officer for a notorious spree of murders, rapes and burglaries in the 1970s and 80s.

The former policeman charged with committing a series of murders and rapes attributed to the "Golden State Killer" has made his first court appearance in Sacramento, California.

        Villains should be punished is a fact that has been on earth since human began to develop the idea of what is right and wrong. But should villains really be “punished” or even “killed”? If a villain has killed a man is a mistake, then why we “killed” a villain is not a mistake? Will it be a “mistake on mistake” which made us the villain? The movie “Minority Report” directed by Steven Spielberg presented prominent of ethically doubtful points. In year 2054, Washington D.C. ‘s Precrime program has kept the city in safe and peace for six years. John Anderton work for Precrime program as a chief police officer. The program has three precogs that will foreknow the murders in the city, which the Precrime force will investigate the location details and prevent the murder from happening by arresting the future killer. One of the precog figures Anderton will kill a man names Leo Crow, but the man has never appeared in Anderton’s social circle. However, Anderton soon figured Crow has direct relation with his missing son. Anderton killed Crow due to his personal reason under his uncontrolled temper. The film has all driven by ethics because Precrime offend the definition of ethics and the program recruit unqualified people for seriously fatal position. Also the whole Pricrime is a “crime” due to its hypocritical actions.
        Ethics and morals both related to “right” or “wrong”. However ethics refer to a series of rule provided to an individual by an external source. On the other hand, morals refer to one’s own principle of right and wrong. Therefore “post-punishment” is ethically acceptable in our law standard. In the movie the Precrime program arrest people that have not yet committed a crime, they prevent a murder that will happen in the future, therefore the force “pre-punishes “ future offenders, but at the moment when they were still innocents. It is ethically and morally unreasonable to punish the innocents. As the film stated “future” crimes, based on the oxford dictionary the definition of future is “events that will or are likely to happen in time to come.” Therefore future can be change from second to second, no one knows the future, and we can only make predictions. But predictions are not likely to be hundred percent accurate. Precogs in the movie only show predictions in flashes of incoherent images rather than explanatories to the original crime scene. Based on the old woman in the film “sometimes the precogs see different versions of the future, the system only provides data on the two reports which agrees.” The precogs only show “potential” future of a killing moment, they discarded the fact that the killer might change their plans. Therefore, precogs are not completely reliable, which the police force have the potential of arresting innocent people and causes unethical actions.
        The reason we have police force in the country is for keeping the country safe and secure. Government establishes police force recruit qualified people who has integrity and is able to protect one and others, also making possible scarifies. Anderton as a chief police officer although he offered his heart in the force to keep the city safe, he is not qualified to be hired in the force. Based on the U.S police applicant requirements, the candidate must not have substance abuse problem, have not have domestic violence or moral turpitude, must have a good health record and pass a physical ability test, must have a health mental attitude and pass a required psychological test, and shall be a good person of good moral character. Anderton has underground trade of certain drug with a man, because he is not authorized to obtain this drug from a legal institute. Later in the movie, he took the female precog without permission for personal use (the precog is equal to a public asset of the Precrime). Anderton’s action violated the requirement of being a good person of a good mortal charater. From the way he spoke to the drug man, we can determine this is not his first time. When he gets home he played the video type of his son and wife, and he took the drug while the video is playing. This piece of evidence indicated Anderton has drug abuse problem. Usually drug abuse will affect one’s appetite, therefore Anderton only eat a little cereal as dinner when he gets home. As the video typed played, he starts taking with himself, and reach for his son in the video, he cried as the video ends. He lost his temper when he discovered Crow may kidnaped his son, he killed Crow under his uncontrolled temper while he is off work. Anderton suffers from the lost of his son and the separation of his wife, his behavior were the symptoms of depression. Therefore he does not have a healthy mental attitude and he has showed a propensity of violence. It is not ethical to hire unqualified individual, because unqualified worker might put one’s self in danger as well as other’s. Crow might not be the one who kidnapped Anderton’s son, as a result Anderton might just killed an innocent man. Risking others’ lives is not being socially responsible and violated the definition of being ethical.
        Precirme is like any other security associations, the main purpose is to keep the area secure and letting the new generations know about the program, teaching them what is right and wrong. Just like in reality letting the young kids know the existence of police and law. It should be an “ethical” program, but various evidences have proved Precrime is a “crime” that hypocritically established in Washinton D.C. Lamar Burgess is the director of the Precrime program. He participated in the design of the system, and he knows there are flaws in the system. Burgess killed innocent people in order to hide the flaws in the system and maintain the system. Burgess’s action has already committed a crime. He established the program in an unethical process. Also covering up the flaws was being bias about the program. It shows the government and people only the advantage of Precirme, however hiding the disadvantage and harms. Burgess violated the human rights, people has the right to know the truth. He was not being truthful when promoting his program to others, hiding the truth from the government and public is not an ethical action to pursue. Precrime itself is a “crime” because they did not treat the precogs as human. Instead, Precrime enslaves the precogs in water as “assets” of the program. The mother of the female precog wants to reunion with her daught, Burgress killed her to ensure the future of precrog. Slavery has been abolished in Washington D.C. since 1862, therefore Precrime is an illegal program that has been created unethically.
        Philosophy is like an ancient tree grown deeply in human history. The movies Minority Report hang as a bright green leaf on the branch of Ethics. Every movement people tended to make or every words to decide to say will be a blow of wind, sometimes weak, sometime strong, shaken the branch of ethics. Due to the lack of certainty of precogs’ prediction and action of arresting the innocents made Precrime became an unethical program. Hiring unqualified worker for serious position is an unmorally and unethically approach that showed a lack of responsibility towards human lives. The creation of Precog is a mistake on mistake because it offended the law of enslave human. Lamar Burgess unethically covering up the flaws and killed people who does not deserve to be punished. What he did behind people has been exposed to public at the end. No matter how well the unethical approach has been covered up, they will always come out someday.

Sacramento police say they arrested suspect Joseph James DeAngelo, 72.

Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, appeared in an orange prison jumpsuit, handcuffed to a wheelchair.

The suspect has been living in the Sacramento area and was identified after new efforts to solve the case, investigators say.

He was formally arraigned on two murder charges dating back to 1978.

Police blame the so-called Golden State Killer for 12 murders, 51 rapes and more than 120 burglaries. 

Mr DeAngelo is a suspect in 11 other murders and 51 rapes committed across California between 1976 and 1986.

Mr DeAngelo is being held on suspicion of four counts of murder - the 1978 deaths of Brian and Katie Maggiore in Sacramento and the 1980 killings of Charlene and Lyman Smith in Ventura County.

He was arrested on Tuesday at his home in Citrus Heights, a Sacramento suburb, after a 40-year manhunt.

Prosecutors say additional charges are likely to follow.

Investigators linked him to DNA left at crime scenes, in part thanks to a genealogy database designed to trace family histories.

What did police say?

DNA sent to such a site by a relative of the murderer may have provided a crucial clue to police.

Police had been monitoring the suspect and used "discarded DNA" to match him to the crimes, according to Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones.

The Golden State Killer, also known as the East Area Rapist, Original Night Stalker, and the Diamond Knot Killer, terrorised communities in central, northern and southern California.

Announcing the arrest, Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said: "The answer has always been in Sacramento."

Mr DeAngelo spoke only briefly in court to confirm he had a lawyer. He did not enter a plea, and was denied bail.

"The magnitude of this case demanded that it be solved," she added.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said Mr DeAngelo is on suicide watch in the psychiatric ward of the county jail. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten said that prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty.

Some survivors were present in court for the hearing, as well as victims' friends and family members.

Two years ago the FBI offered a $50,000 (£36,000) reward to anyone who could help crack the case.

One woman was pictured holding up a picture of two of the Golden State Killer's victims, Cheri Domingo and Greg Sanchez. 

Crime spree that terrorised communities

Mr DeAngelo's next court appearance is scheduled for 14 May. Authorities have said more charges are likely to be filed in due course.

By James Cook, BBC News Los Angeles correspondent

After four decades of frustration for detectives, it turned out the suspect had been living under their noses all along.

"We found the needle in the haystack and it was right here in Sacramento," said district attorney Anne Marie Schubert.

Joseph James DeAngelo had apparently been living an ordinary life on a quiet suburban street, a former police officer with grown-up children who was "very surprised" when he was arrested and taken into custody.

Details of his alleged crimes are deeply disturbing and collective psychological scars endure.

Many police officers and prosecutors involved in the case vividly recall the terror of the crime spree in their communities.

"Everyone was afraid," said FBI special agent Marcus Knutson, who was born and raised in Sacramento, as he announced a fresh appeal for information on the case two years ago.

"We had people sleeping with shotguns, we had people purchasing dogs. People were concerned, and they had a right to be. This guy was terrorising the community. He did horrible things."

What do we know about the accused?

According to the Sacramento Bee newspaper, he had been living with his daughter and granddaughter in the city's Citrus Heights neighbourhood.

He was fired from the Auburn Police Department in 1979 after he was charged with shoplifting, according to the Auburn Journal.

Police say it was "very likely" that he was committing these crimes while employed as a police officer.

He had also worked as an officer in Exeter, California from 1973 to 1976, during a time when several crimes were committed there, police say.

What reaction has there been?

Jane Carson-Sandler, who was the rapist's fifth victim in October 1976, told the Island Packet newspaper that detectives had emailed her on Wednesday to inform her of the arrest.

"I just found out this morning," she said. "I'm overwhelmed with joy. I've been crying, sobbing."

The case was investigated by author Michelle McNamara for her book I'll Be Gone in the Dark. McNamara died before the book could be published.

Her co-author, Billy Jensen, tweeted on Tuesday night to say there would be a "rather large announcement tomorrow".

Another contributor to the book, Paul Haynes, said: "Stunned. Excited. No other words right now."

What were the crimes?

The Golden State Killer, also known as the East Area Rapist, Original Night Stalker, and the Diamond Knot Killer is believed to have carried out rapes and murders between 1976 and 1986, killing girls and women aged between 12 and 41.

Prosecutors say the "reign of terror" began in Sacramento and spread to San Francisco and then on to central and southern California. Links between the cases were established by DNA evidence, police say.

The attacker broke into homes at night and then tied up and raped his female victims.

Before fleeing he stole items such as cash, jewellery and identification.

The last case to be linked to the Golden State Killer was the rape and murder of an 18-year-old woman in Irvine, Orange County, in May 1986.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said the suspect had been called many names but added: "Today, it's our pleasure to call him 'defendant'."